An embracing and revitalizing urban space

The project concerns the urban renewal process, highlighting the improvement of city dwellers’ sense of well-being when confronting challenging emotional and physical situations.

Eitan Gibor

Ariel University

Many soldiers who have experienced battle find it the urban environment difficult to manage due to PTSD. The bustle, noise, and dense construction of the city overwhelms such soldiers and triggers the resurfacing of traumatic events they have experienced.
In several interviews I conducted and based on studies I read, I discovered parallels between soldiers with PTSD and a significant share of city residents. Both groups expressed feelings of pressure, alienation, lack of belonging, and the absence of connection to their environments.
The project offers planning tools to create a supportive and caring urban environment by designing gradual transitions between private and public spaces, providing the option to choose between different places to reside according to different levels of exposure, creating communal meeting places, and strengthening the connection between man, the city, and nature.
The project focuses on the Bat Galim neighborhood in Haifa, where there is an opportunity for both direct contact with the sea and adjacent urban anchor points.

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The Presentation