“As a guest in nature, I was” Hiriya and the Ramat Gan threshold

Yarin Meir

Ariel University

The mountain? To define the absurd: “The confrontation between the irrational and the insane pursuit of clarity whose reading resonates in the human heart.” Indeed, clarity and Hiriya are an oxymoron.

This project deals with the ethics and conflict between construction and the outside world – i.e., nature. In every period and in every culture, architecture reflected this relationship with nature, which seems to be getting worse as time goes by. I chose to examine the issue of this attitude in Hiriya park, the symbol of how we, as a society, treat the environment that includes a man-made Waste mountain, a city threshold (Ramat Gan), and a stream that runs between them (Ayalon) as a connecting element in this unique open space. Today there is a noticeable dissonance between these extreme situations and the solutions proposed so far has been implemented only at the top of the mountain – the development of Ariel Sharon Park.

The proposal in this project seek to constitute a new ethical and spatial formulation for each of these elements (Waste mountain, city threshold, stream), and create “a whole” complex that reflects the proper relationship between city and park and above all between humans and a park environment.

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The Presentation