“Chronos & Kairos “

The project presents a modern architectural solution for hosting the Olympics in Tel Aviv. The proposal is on an urban and local scale, addressing the consequences of the event in both the short and long term

Daniela Pokotinsky

Ariel University

The project presents a planning process which enabled handling the challenge of hosting the Olympics, which both a very positive event and concurrently involves a myriad of difficulties. The main challenge of the event is the large international scale of planning requiring huge temporary structures and venues, without compromising the utilization of the land as an integral part of the city.

The environment we live in today is evolving and changing at an accelerated pace, therefore the Olympics must also adapt to the time, values, and space involved before, during, and after the event.

The project refers to 3 different periods in the timeline:

  • 2021  The current situation
  • 2040  The Tel Aviv Olympics
  • 2050  The post-Olympic period
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The Presentation