Destination: Jericho

Emily Deeb

The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem

The project is aimed at strengthening Jericho’s touristic values while giving the local residents ownership of the controlling capitalist agents and preserving its ancient title as an oasis.

The city of Jericho is important in human history, being the oldest city in the world. It is also an essential part of the Palestinian scene, serving as a tourist destination for Palestinians. As a result, the city is controlled by capitalist agents who see it as suburbs for outsiders. The multiplicity of visions and investments is oppressive towards the locals and their lifestyle.

The project offers a design integrated along the central and historic Wadi Qelt offering a system of investments and expropriations for the benefit of the public. This is a new master plan for Jericho, aimed at strengthening its tourism values and still giving locals ownership of capitalist agents whistle preserving the city’s ancient title as an oasis.

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The Presentation