Fine Architecture

My love of architecture has led me to ask: What makes architecture into “Fine Architecture”? This project showcases a snapshot of a repeating design and planning process for the same structures. This process allowed me to explore and examine in-depth the definition of “fine architecture” and the principles for of its design.

Avi bloch

אוניברסיטת תל אביב


The project captures a moment in time in the search for a definition of “Fine Architecture” and the core principles of its design.

In order to better understand the awe invoked by architectural works, I likened that emotion to the one invoked from experiencing works of fine art. Encountering such works generates an emotional experience. I then asked myself which principles guide the artist in his work, and understood that I must find my own.

This is the starting point from which I began to plan my project. To define “fine architecture” and characterize planning guidelines, one structure will not suffice. I designed an iterative and reflective process which includes planning a series of structures which are increasingly complex, ranging from a bus station to a public complex, all blending in with the urban space. The design and plan of each structure and the creation of several alternatives allowed me to examine and extract architectural principles that I can take with me moving forward.

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