In Between City

The project offers a new methodology for future densification of cities in Israel, focusing on the urban villages of the Sharon area, and examining local urban components in the existing fabric

Nitzan Gurevich

The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem

As a result of Israel’s rapid population growth rate, the densification of its urban fabrics often leads to the erasure of local cultures and identities, the disappearance of successful public spaces, and growing pressure on transport infrastructure in existing centers. This project investigates densification in urban Moshavot (formerly agricultural settlements that have grown into large suburbs) in the Sharon Coastal Plain and proposes an alternative reading of the space as one continuous, contiguous, and independent urban fabric. By means of a methodology that dismantles and identifies the key attributes of the existing fabric, the project remixes the site’s urban DNA by reassembling these attributes along existing and proposed transit arteries. This strategy of densification by means of maintaining local character and culture is underpinned by highly efficient public transit and mixed-use shared public spaces.

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The Presentation