IN-du-City – Rethinking the Industrial city. Production as part of urban life.

Anastasia Pokalchuk

WIZO Haifa Academy of Design and Education

The project rethinks the integration of manufacturing and industrial processes as part of the urban fabric, by rebuilding the connection between production, consumerism, and sustainability.

The reconsideration and insertion of production in the city is necessary for a socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable future. The ambition is to create a new socio-economic system and strong multi-functional cities, with the understanding that industry and creative processes are a part of them.

As a case study, I focused on the historic Haifa’s flour mill factory. Established in 1921, it still operates in the urban fabric of downtown Haifa, but remains a detached area. Connecting the complex to the urban network, strengthening the axes, and promoting an active avenue with varying scales of production that integrate into the urban program, creates a heterogenous system that combines cultural, public, and residential use alongside industry and production. Local production processes are an integral part of the urban life, and thus the public takes part in them.

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