Pais Tower

Eran Shoshan, The Technion

Society, gambling and education, a retrospective view of an institutional methodology.

The project attends to the issue of regulated gambling economy as a source of institutional income and its influence on the built-up, social and educational environment which is financed thereby. Through research deconstruction, the project examines the processes affecting the institutionalized gambling mechanism and its acceleration in local society and culture.
The project stops, examines and forms the existing manifesto of coping methods and strategy used by Mifal Hapais (the national lottery of Israel) vis-à-vis the spheres in which it operates, and raises questions about the methodology and paradigm existing between gambling economy and the educational arena in Israel.

The structural product and the research alike evolve around a discussion about the developing relations between the educational arena and the gambling sphere, between the funded space and the funding space. In a form follows fiction approach, the story of the Pais Tower unfolds as a public-hybrid monument that represents a local story about gambling, society and architecture.
As in Greek tragedies, we sometimes find ourselves blind and ambivalent to the forces that influence our fate. The Pais Tower project seeks to raise questions about an overt/covert mechanism in the local planning field, leaving us wondering what role we play in the dialogue between the establishment and the citizen, between architect and society.