Public Relations I A model for Public Housing

Nofar Haberman

WIZO Haifa Academy of Design and Education

The project is aimed at redefining and formulating an innovative planning alternative to the current state of public housing in Israel.

The starting point of the project is the belief that housing is a fundamental right, and therefore, should not be a product acquired by those with means, but a foundation for human existence.

The current balance of power, in which the free market is dominant in designing our living spaces, leaves little room for social issues. The project offers an urban planning model that redefines the quality of living through public ownership, which serves as a social generator and drives the entire urban experience. This while addressing issues that concern economics, sustainability, transportation, public space and more.

Sde Dov was chosen as a case study for rethinking the underlying powers at play in today’s urban space, namely economy and real estate – closed, dogmatic and rigid systems, and strives to produce a heterogeneous and egalitarian urban space, which allows the integration of all populations

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The Presentation