The New Testament

Elias Mwes

WIZO Haifa Academy of Design and Education

A fundamental change in the historic and traditional center of the city of Nazareth, from a religious center rife with tensions and conflicts into a diverse creative center, and a space that respects each and everyone, regardless of religion, gender, race, or tradition.

How can we create a diverse space that is equal to every person, regardless of religion, gender, and race, at the heart of the historical-religious fabric? In this project, we saw how a community center, an educational space, and religious sites coexist to create a new, creative society and a new spatial layer that combines traditional territories and religious structures along with embroidery. The proposal is to design a new, different, and varied architecture that integrates religious symbols with traditional symbols.

At the core of the project stand the desire to repair a dark place in my memories, and to create a diverse space for young people, a place for expression and creativity, where the dimension of time can be experienced and respected by all its critics and users.

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The Presentation