The Theater

The project offers a different organization of the theater structure. By expanding the performance space, it aims to facilitate meetings between the audience and the creators.

Roni Dominitz

Tel Aviv University

The Theater project is located in Park HaHorshot, at the intersection of Kibbutz Galuyot and Shoken streets in Tel Aviv. The project aims to transform the current theater building from a typologically segregated linear structure (comprising Front of House, House, and Back of House) to a non-linear flexible structure whose various parts are defined according to the performance taking place. The project combines the formal theater structure with the dynamic (empty) approach. The sequence of spaces, offered by the interweaved building sections and the reconnection of the halls back to the outside, invite artists to create and develop a variety of performances. The environment, an inherent part of the building, can be used and ‘play a role’ in the performances when needed. The project’s urban development focuses on connecting Park HaHorshot to Tel Aviv and Jaffa, while emphasizing the differences between the complexes in the area that make it unique.

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The Presentation