Adaptive reuse of a flour mill building, transforming it into a School of Architecture as a continuum of the adjacent campus of the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yafo. The structure's new function preserves the productive spirit of the mill and integrates it into the urban context.

Mai Whiteson

Tel Aviv University

In contrast to functional industrial structures designed according to the “form follows function” principle,

adaptive reuse is the reverse process, whereby “function follows form”.


Adaptive Reuse is both an ecological concept and a philosophical dialogue in which an object that has lost its meaning in one context gains a new interpretation in another context, giving a cyclical meaning to the space that vacillates between ephemerality and eternity.


My design intervention focused on the transformation of the flour mill buildings on the corner of Shlabim and Ben-Zvi streets in Jaffa. The design transforms the mill into a School of Architecture, as a continuum of the adjacent College and preservation of the productive spirit of the mill, while referencing the existing characteristics of the buildings and spaces and infusing them with new content. The design juxtaposes the new and the old and creates a dialogue between exterior and interior, space and content, and between the mill and its urban context.

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The Presentation