EL - New sacred space, A space for prayer that can touch each person.

Aviya Sondhelm

Ariel University

*Supreme being, symbol of greatness and exaltation, also a preposition indicating direction and purpose.

‘EL’ is a project intended to create a new sacred space, a space for prayer that can touch each person.

To me, a prayer space is a space for silence. It is incomplete and it is not uniform. A prayer space is an opportunity for an encounter between man and nature, between man and man and between man and God.

I have chosen the village of Lifta, located at the entrance to Jerusalem.  In this space lies the ability to challenge the concept of holiness, and to illuminate it anew. Lifta has this potential because of its distinct location which is apart from the city, yet, still connected to and part of it.

Through an analysis of Lifta’s current situation, the village buildings and the roads to and within it, this project presents a new and different view of the space which allows for a holy experience not related to a particular religion. A place where every person can pray in their own way.

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The Presentation