The Azrieli Award acknowledges and supports creativity, originality and architectural quality among students of architecture in Israel. Every year, the five schools of architecture in Israel (Technion, Tel Aviv University, Ariel University, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and WIZO Haifa Academy of Design) submit three students/groups of students for the Award for an architectural project, designed during their studies. Monetary awards in the amount of about $15,000, $6,250, and $3,750 are presented to the three finalists.

Five judges participate in the judging process every year.

The judging process, as well as the evening award ceremony, are attended by hundreds of students, faculty, the local architects’ community, and business leaders, and is led by the Azrieli Foundation

Greetings from Danna Azrieli, Co-Chair, Azrieli Foundation lsrael

The David Azrieli Architecture Student Prize meets Israel’s young architects at an important milestone in their professional lives, when theory and practice converge.
Over the years, the Prize has become an integral part of architecture education in Israel, with the heads of the five schools of architecture valuing it as a certificate of
The David Azrieli Prize honors and congratulates not only the winners, but all the students who submitted projects and contended for a place in the competition I hope that this tradition will continue to inspire architecture students and the architecture community for many years to come.

Best wishes and good luck,
Danna Azrieli

2021 Projects

Between the Mountain and the Valley

Libat Sara Eden
Yuval Yadlin

“Chronos & Kairos “

Daniela Pokotinsky

Body & Life Cover

Layan Salameh

Fine Architecture

Avi bloch


Musa Alatawneh


Mai Whiteson


Aviya Sondhelm

In Between City

Nitzan Gurevich

Judging Panel

Prof. Elinoar Komissar Barzacchi

Degree in Architecture - Geneva, Switzerland.
Post Graduate Degree - Town Planning – Paris, France.
1977 – 1989 Jerusalem, District Planner – Ministry of Housing.
1989 – 1994 Jerusalem, City Engineer.
1994 – 2009 Founder of the School of Architecture at the Tel Aviv University.
Head of the Architecture school for 8 years.
Lecturer and Studio Moderator.

Arch. Gabi Boaz-Oved

Architect Gabi Boaz-Oved graduated from the David Azrieli School of Architecture at Tel Aviv University in 2000. His final project was chosen one of outstanding projects that year. In 2006, he was appointed Azrieli Group Architect and in 2015 he became Head Architect and Director of Planning in Azrieli Group.

Arch. Gil Shenhav

Architect Gil Shenhav is a senior partner at Canaan Shenhav Architects, partner at the Company for Development and Urban Renewal and chairman of the local branch of CTBUH in Israel. Canaan Shenhav is involved with the planning of neighborhoods, residential towers, offices, nursing homes, retirement villages, and sheltered housing in Israel and abroad, and also in promoting many urban renewal projects in the outline of evacuation construction.

Arch. Rachel Feller

Rachel is a senior partner and head of Yaski, Mor, Sivan Architects. She began her path there two years after graduation. The office specializes in urban planning, Residential, office and hotel design, hospital design and mixed-use projects.
Rachel lead the office to win several competitions such as the Jerusalem Nature Museum and a mixed use project of 200,000 m^2 in China.

Arch. Gidi Bar Orian

Architect Gidi Bar-Orian, co-owner of Bar-Orian Architects, a graduate of architecture and urban planning at the Technion.
The firm has about 70 employees divided into an initial concept design team, detailed design teams including a team specializing in hotel design, masterplans and urban design department, a planning department that handles the regulatory aspects and an execution and supervision department.
During his years of work, the firm has established itself as one of the leading firms in the field of urban renewal in Tel Aviv-Yafo by a long series of residential and conservation buildings that have impacted the city considerably.
In recent years, he has also expanded his practice areas to large-scale projects throughout the country, including hotels, office buildings, elderly care homes and pedestrian bridges.

2020 Winners


Sub Tel Aviv

Maya Schuldenfrei
The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem
Nisim Carlos Kazantini
The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem

IN-du-City - Rethinking the Industrial city. Production as part of urban life.

Anastasia Pokalchuk
WIZO Haifa Academy of Design and Education

Dead Space | A Burial Alternative for Israel

Sharona Cramer
The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem
Yotam Oron
The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem

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