The Azrieli Award acknowledges and supports creativity, originality and architectural quality among students of architecture in Israel. Every year, the five schools of architecture in Israel (Technion, Tel Aviv University, Ariel University, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and WIZO Haifa Academy of Design) submit three students/groups of students for the Award for an architectural project, designed during their studies. Monetary awards in the amount of about $15,000, $6,250, and $3,750 are presented to the three finalists.

Five judges participate in the judging process every year.

The judging process, as well as the evening award ceremony, are attended by hundreds of students, faculty, the local architects’ community, and business leaders, and is led by the Azrieli Foundation

Greetings from Danna Azrieli, Co-Chair, Azrieli Foundation lsrael

The David Azrieli Architecture Student Prize meets Israel’s young architects at an important milestone in their professional lives, when theory and practice converge.
Over the years, the Prize has become an integral part of architecture education in Israel, with the heads of the five schools of architecture valuing it as a certificate of
The David Azrieli Prize honors and congratulates not only the winners, but all the students who submitted projects and contended for a place in the competition I hope that this tradition will continue to inspire architecture students and the architecture community for many years to come.

Best wishes and good luck,
Danna Azrieli

2022 Projects

Kibbutz Anew: Planning in Four Acts

Living Desert


MILIEU Development and planning of the socio-cultural landscape in Golan Heights

Public space in high-rise neighborhoods

21st century church | The church as a democratic space within the city

(Un) Recognized Villages

Space of Time

The Theater

Reunion or Revolution

Arraba : between growth and identity

Nesher 2.0

Made in Jerusalem

An embracing and revitalizing urban space

Enhanced Reality

2022 Winners


(Un) Recognized Villages

Lobna Sana
The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem

Nesher 2.0

Guy Peretz
Tel Aviv University

Living Desert

Tom Weil
WIZO Haifa Academy of Design and Education