Sub Tel Aviv

Maya Schuldenfrei

The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem

Nisim Carlos Kazantini

The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem

The planned changes of the public transport system, especially the opening of the light rail and metro lines, are an opportunity to rethink street level design in a layered and complex way.

The project focuses on two meaningful processes that will transform Tel Aviv, and rethinks the street level design and the use of the underground area.

The first process in the expected absorption of another half a million residents in the next 50 years. These residents will flood the streets of the city, and while they will contribute to the urban economic prosperity, at the same time they will cause great strain on its infrastructures. The second process is a dramatic change in the city’s transport system, which includes the inauguration of the light rail, metro lines and the integration of cooperative and autonomous vehicles.

These processes are expected to completely change behavior patterns of use on the street level and in areas built below ground level. The project examines these processes in two key locations in the city: a Cultural Square and an Employment Square, and rethinks broadside and programmatic scenarios, in which the traffic of the masses leaving the metro stations creates opportunities for designing leveled, spatial complexity and urban intensity of a new kind.

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