‘BAD BEVAD’ – Between the garment and the space

The wardrobe of space. How to present the idea of clothing as a tool for personal expression in space.

Nitzan Glaicher

Ariel University

‘BAD BEVAD’ is a project developed from my connection to the field of apparel, and the understanding that through clothing we can give expression to our feelings, and influence our inner world.

Like clothing, the built space can give expression to different states of consciousness and allow for a wide range of human experiences and human encounters.

The project proposes translating our relationship with the clothes we use as a tool for our inner expression, into the built space, thus producing diverse public situations which give expression to changing human experiences.

This idea is reflected in three selected spaces in Jerusalem, with thinking of the perfect ‘spatial garment’ for them. In this manner, we created the wardrobe of the entire space.

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The Presentation