“Code Red”

Alon Goldengoren

Ariel University

The project focuses on the civil-protective architecture, and tries to provide a solution to the rocket threat problem in Sderot, in the form of a protective architectural complex, where normal life can continue even in an emergency.

As a combat soldier and commander in the “Iron Dome” unit, I was privileged to be part of the world’s most advanced military solution in defending the home front, which emphasized the lack of a civilian solution that would enable normal life in the settlements around the Gaza strip.
The project sets out to create an architectural solution that will provide a sense of security and life without running to the shelter, by designing a mixed uses architectural complex, where public and private spaces are protected. As long as the bomb shelter is only a bomb shelter, entering it will forever be accompanied by fear, but when the “protective space” has a use in “peaceful times”, it allows the residents to continue their routine work and recreation activities, while summoning encounters and opportunities.

The project is located in an abandoned grove, connecting Sderot’s city center to residential neighborhoods, while addressing the stream that crosses the grove. One bank of the stream is an interpretation of the typical Sderotian terraced housing, which becomes a protective “indoor” street, while the other bank corresponds with the natural shape of the stream as a ripple to its flow.

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The Presentation