I | City

Benayahu Lugasi

אוניברסיטת אריאל בשומרון

In a world where everything is repeated and replicated and the city loses its identity, is there a place for the expression of the individual in the public space?

From its inception, the “Israeli space” was made of anonymous, repetitive, and replicated building units that produced shallow and sparse spaces, an expression of the predatory market forces, lacking a personal, human or local identity. As human beings we are different from each other in all aspects of life, so when it comes to designing our homes how come we all live in the same building structure, with the same windows and balconies?

The project (Ani Ir) I | City offers each person the opportunity to expand beyond the boundaries of the repetitive ”box” in which they live, and allows everyone to ask how they would like to live in the world, what is their expression in space and how can this expression become a part of creating the local identity.

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