The project calls for a rethinking of the design of the built-up and non-built-up space, with thinking that does not rely on the mechanisms of bureaucracy, capitalism and reproduction. The desire is to intervene on several fronts concurrently, to design spaces and places based on the local Bedouin worldview and culture, design through Ethos.

Musa Alatawneh

The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem

Through a study and analysis of the Bedouin village of Hura in the Negev, issues and problems surfaced which exist almost in every Bedouin village or Arab town in the country. Today, the distinctiveness of the Bedouin culture has been distorted and even erased, which has been caused mainly by policy, bureaucracy and institutions which are imposed on people from above, and patterns of settlement in which people live as voluntary prisoners of the architecture.

I aspire to show that it is possible to do things differently, to bring architectural elements from the past and integrate them into the present, to preserve the local culture and identity and not turn our backs on them. The project surveys the current problems and tracks their history. This is followed by the proposed interventions: Changing the existing housing typology, building a marketplace integrating the temporary and the permanent, the adaptable and the rigid, and a university whose design is inspired by the question: What does Bedouin/Arab architecture look like nowadays?

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