Politically Correct

Adi Vardi

Tel Aviv University

“Disconnected“ – the Coronavirus pandemic era has illustrated the disconnect between the government and the people, expressed as mistrust in the state institutions. Undermining the foundations of the democratic process violates the principle of separation of powers and endangers the democratic balance in Israel. The main objective of the project is to create an architectural expression of a social economic and political perception, eliminate the existing gap, and create a human connection between elected officials and citizens.

The pillars of democracy are located in the National Quarter, which is disconnected from the city that surrounds it and the daily life of the citizens. The project attempts to find a physical remedy by “breaking the walls” and strengthening connectivity and eliminating barriers by connecting the quarter to the urban fabric, expanding the main road and leveling it to the existing governmental institutions. The project meets the people’s needs by incorporating social housing in the Rose Garden mound, creating a “Governance Market” to encourage the public to exercise their rights, opening the Knesset Square and adding the Prime Minister’s residence to the institution’s axis. All while emphasizing the presence of existing government buildings and preserving Rose Garden mound as an integral part of the place and the experience.

It is my hope that the project will contribute to strengthening the relationship between citizens and government, narrowing the existing gap and expressing the resilience of the democracy.

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