Space of Time

"Space of Time" - A rediscovery of the urban identity in Beit Shean, through an interpretation of the historical layers, the return of a water resource, and a promenade. Creating a vision for future development.

Hadar Betito

Ariel University

Beit Shean,
A development town with a richly-layered history, including Scythopolis antiquities, Ottoman basalt buildings, and housing from 1948.
The town is surrounded by water sources, but does not contain any.
Its urban identity is ambiguous.
How can an urban identity be reestablished?
How can the water motif be returned to the city?
How can the presence of antiquities in the material and space be interpreted?
In my proposal for a rethinking of the city planning, I chose to create an urban square on the remains of the abandoned hippodrome which is located outside of the antiquities complex and surrounded by apartment blocks.
The elliptical geometry of the hippodrome will unite two axes that will form a bridge from the city to the antiquities.
A Faculty of Archeology will be built around the square as a landmark public building.
A “street of water” will be created based on the infrastructure of a past river that will flow through the scenic axis to Nahal Harod.
A promenade will be planned that will incorporate a changing landscape sequence: antiquities, residences, water, and a park.
And finally, a vision will be created for future development.

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The Presentation